Hi there! I'm Conner, a full stack software engineer with 8 years of professional experience. I've delivered robust web apps and UX design systems for eCommerce clients, higher education institutions, SaaS providers, marketing agencies and others alike.

I'm active in open source as the maintainer of Flowbite React, a design system with 40,000+ weekly downloads on npm.

What I really love is (in no particular order):

  • Designing beautiful things.
  • Shipping proven code.
  • Creating accessible products.
  • Automating repeated tasks.
  • Learning cutting-edge technology.
  • Eating chocolate chip cookies.

I've been working professionally since 2015, but I started writing HTML when I was 10 years old, and I've been obsessed ever since.

You can read more about my professional experience by browsing my resume.

What I've delivered

What I'm working on right now

You can find my open-source contributions on GitHub under the aliases connergdavis and tulup-conner.

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Email[email protected]
Githubconnergdavis and tulup-conner